90% of ladies in Africa are not planning for Marriage- FOKA


The Host of AG entertainment Hall show and morning drive on Asuogyaman FM says about 90% of Ghanaian ladies are not planning for marriage.

According to Mr.Foka, who made this statement on a drive time
show at Virgin City Radio, hosted by Okonko the Great, he said there are about 90% ladies who are currently looking for husbands but their lifestyle and behaviors don’t tell how serious they are.

Do you agree with me that 90% of ladies of nowadays are not thinking and planning of marriage? I know you will ask me how and why? Almost all the ladies are planning for wedding wedding wedding. The most funniest thing is that some haven’t seen the man or meet the man, infact they have ño man in their life right now, but they have planned how their wedding will look like, honeymoon in UK, giving birth in California, and so on. She never know the kind of man God is bringing to her way, if he is the kind that his blessing and open doors will come through a woman. Believe me this is why there thousands of single ladies out there. All the ladies are waiting and expecting their man to be a well settled man, a man that have mansion, range rover, company and so on. Ño one is ready to start building with the man. Stay there; see grey hairs on your head soon. Come to think of it,

Also, Mr.Asiamah added what is MARRIAGE and What is WEDDING? What are the differences? I think before you plan for wedding you get to think of marriage first. What is your aim of getting married? Where will your marriage lead you to? What will be the nature of your home in next 1year, 5years, 10years and so on. What will be the future of the children you are about to bring into this wicked world? What is your relationship with that person you are going to have añ eternal covenant with? Is God going to be the chief host in your marriage or just for that wedding day alone? What will be the level of your Christian life as two are going to become one? Or you will be just active in church programs because you want pastor or Rev. To join you two together then every Sunday is extra day for work? Is your marriage going to bear fruit? Are you sure the single once around you will look at how you build your home and vow they must get married, to enjoy what you are enjoying? Or is your marriage going to be such type a man can only go to bed unless the wife is already asleep? Think about it. MARRIAGE OR WEDDING? Good luck

Finally, foka told the Okonko the host of the program that  all that he is saying come down to character and behavior, he said until Ghanaian ladies change from their bad character and behavior they will remain unmarried.

Source : Salomey Adjartey (Lady Jet)