Mrs. Mavis Sintim Aboagye popularly known on stage as “LILY M” certainly one of Ghana’s few promising acts whose prospects are just endless has promised her funs that she is not in the music industry for jokes .
Speaking to Asuogyaman fm, an eastern region –based radio station, Lily M revealed that music has been her dream and life since childhood.
When she was asked about her ambition in the next 5years, she said “my dreams and vision for the next 5years is very big because I’m aiming for Grammies and being known worldwide by most people ,I also dream to put my church and country on the map ”

Lily M also disclosed FOKA the host of the AG entertainment Hall on Asuogyaman 87.7 fm that she is planning to release more good songs next year because the year has already ended . This is simply feather in his cap, and I believe that the song will not fall through but
gain ground. Moreover,
Lily M who admires Ghanaian afro artist sherefa Gunu most, abides by the striking assertion that, “The better you do your work, the more adept you become at doing it, and
this, in time, will lead to such perfection that you will have few, if any, equals in your field,” according to Napoleon Hill, the Magic Ladder to Success in 1930.
Finally lily M revealed to Foka , stating emphatically that, “I want to make my family ,church, country and continent proud through music c.” Wow, what a fabulous vision he’s got! I think Dr. Rob Yeung, a popular business psychologist, was absolutely right when he said that, “Have a passion and you’ll make money.”
This woman has got an exquisite brand identity – it stands out a mile. Kudos to his management Music.
Lily M is always granting interviews on radio and TV in order to sell his branded agenda to the teeming youths of our dear nation, so that he can positively influence their
thoughts and actions. Let’s rally support for Lily M as part of the lily m family – by downloading and sharing his latest Banger ’the strength of a woman” and her other
musical works.

Source: www.Ghmusicpromo.com