Ghanaian broadcast Journalist Mr. Frank Owusu Kojo Asiamah (FOKA) has stated that Ghana is not a Christian country.

He said Ghanaians are only church goers, since the average Ghanaian has no conscience of serving God but rather they want God to server them .

Speaking on Asuogyaman fm Mid-morning show hosted by Radio prophet, Foka said Church is a business and is a high time Ghanaians stop the hypocrisy and honor their ancestors.
What religion did Adam and Eve belong? ,what was the type of religion that our ancestors worshiped before slavery and colonization?? These are questions Ghanaians have to ask and learn about and stop tagging traditional religion as paganism

The host of Sankofa program every Saturday on Asuogyaman fm in Eastern Region said respect for African history and culture is dwindling with time and may even end to zero in the near future.

Citing an example, he said according to history Africans are the most spiritual people on earth ,so people fear to joke with African spirituality but always mess up with bible he got involved in an accident and upon admission at the hospital he told the medics that he was a teacher in order to get quick medical attention for fear that at the mention of the word pastor he might be treated with contempt.

Touching on pastoral work today, he alluded to the fact that pastors today don’t know their history and culture they are always teaching about white supremacy.

Some pastors have resorted to preaching prosperities, fake prophecies and appear on screens and on radio just to give directions and announce their phone numbers he stated in an interview.

He also lamented on youthful exuberance in relation to wealth, sex, fame and lifestyles adding the youth today are quick to jump to riches and materialism because in Ghana today, people are accorded respect based on their pay checks.

With regards to sex, he strongly chastised campaigners of lesbianism and homosexuality saying it was an act instill to led to the destruction of Africa.

Fame is driving the youth crazy, some would defile all odds to become famous just to show off he said.

Finally, Mr.Foka said lets Emancipate ourselves from Mental and Spiritual slavery so that the youth know their purpose on earth and why God created them in Africa . Ghana can never be a Christian nation, because how can a God fearing politician always do the right thing, avoid corruption in all forms, have sympathy for the destitute and not divert funds meant for development into his pocket.

Source: Salomey Adjartey


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