20 things children born in 2006 missed

Life moves like a flash reason why we have something known as a flashback because when you look back, you realise how fast things have changed.

A look at this list will definitely give you flashbacks that will leave you smiling all day.


1. Penpals

So back then we had nothing like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and all these new Apps where you can send messages instantly and get a reply, in fact, we didn’t even have the internet readily available. So we depended on letter writing and to make friends, we had to actually write to them, how we got their address? Only God knows the struggle we had to go through just to get the address of penpals to write to them.


2. Room Dividers

Do you remember that big showcase our parents had in their living room? Omg!!! and they called it a room divider because yes! it was that big and the funny thing is, they had empty boxes of soaps, biscuits etc. to decorate it, it also housed the black and white TV and you dare not touch it.

Those room dividers are so old this is the closest we could get for an image, it is not like this though.


3. VHS Cassette Player

And oh! this was actually reserved for the rich back then. But today, nobody even needs it. Instead of what we had back then, today we have a whole new system, people even have Blu-ray and 3D decks that can even stream online.

With those VHS Players, if the cassette gets stuck in it, you have to open the deck recorder and pull it out and if by mistake your porn cassette gets stuck in there, you’re doomed if your dad comes back to remove it founds out this what you had it.


4. 99 Days In Agege Ghetto Blaster

Do you remember those ghetto blasters had two attached speakers by it and a cassette player in the middle with a radio, omg!! time has really passed.


5. Plastic Wrapped Cushion Chairs

The sofa we had back then were cushions wrapped in plastic bags…omg! God has really been grateful to us oh! Those sofas are so old, their pictures are not easy to come by and this is the closest we could get.


6. TVs With No Remotes

You remember those President TV’s back in the days? Black and white with no remotes and you have to always walk to the TV to either increase the volume or change a channel.


7. Piccadilly Biscuits

This was the official biscuits for Christmas


8. Reversing A Cassette With A Pencil

Today all you need is to push in your CD or Pendrive and you can listen to your songs non-stop, back then, cassettes had limits and when you skip a song and you want to go back, the cassette can get tangled in the system so you have to get yourself some pen and roll it back.


9. Jersey Dresses

Basketball became so popular back in the day that everybody wanted to dress like a basketball player. Even musicians mounted stages dressed like basketball players.


10. Overall Jeans

Wearing overall jeans was the issh!!! back then. We wear and intentionally leave one strap hanging loose.


11. Robot Bubble Gum

You remember that only blue and red gum we had back then, full of sugar? Today PK and Mentos has taken over the market.


12. Tsoobi

Today there are a lot of gadgets kids don’t even want to play with toys anymore. Back then the only toys our mothers could afford was the Tsoobi. You remember that toy that was moulded in plastic like it was wearing a skirt? Yeah! that’s it, we’ve suffered oh!


13. Nintendo Brick Game

The only game for the rich kids was the brick game on Nintendo. Nintendo was like our PS4 back then.

nintendo brick game


14. Super Mario

Super Mario back then was like watching Game Of Thrones today, most of us were really addicted to it.

super mario


15. Prince Of Persia

The next game that got every kid sitting behind their desktop computers was the Prince of Persia.


16. Diskette

Owning one of these back then made you the “Oboro” of those times. You could actually walk to a friend’s house and download all the games you need onto your diskette. 5 m.b. of that felt like you’re the king of I.T. and all your friends will come borrowing from you.

17. Yahoo Messenger

Not like these days, yahoo messenger was the official messenger for all we internet geeks.


18. Hi 5

Then there was Hi 5, unfortunately, Facebook shut them down. We all run to Facebook and left Hi 5.

19. Walkman

The walkman was what saved us before the invention of the iPod. It was the walking cassette player.


20. Colour TV Plastic

If you were born in the 2000’s, you might not know this but back then, we didn’t have colour TV anywhere and to get a colour TV, we had this plastic you can buy and fix on your TV screen and it will give you colours but in stripes…smh! they were horrible but we loved it back then.


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