The Truth about Volta Region-FOKA

For GOD so love the Ewes that he blessed them with so many natural resources such as Gold, Iron Ore (Akpafu) Jasper, Manganese ( Kpando), Clinker (Aflao-Kpetoe), Uranium (Amedzorpe), Waters, Crude Oil (Keta), fertile land and several others. These resources were discovered by the Germans during their time on the Ewe land.
But it is unfortunate that many are the Ewes themselves who doesn’t know anything at all.
Many does not know that Volta region is supposed to be a country on it’s own.
Many does not know that Volta region was not part of Gold Coast (Now Ghana). They don’t know that we the people of Volta region have been forced to join Gold Coast through election in May 9, 1956 before the independence of Gold Coast in 1957.
According to League of Nations ( now United Nations ), Volta region was supposed to practice what is known as “Union Government” with Ghana for 50 years. Then we the people of Eweland can decide to be independent.
In addition to this declaration by the League of Nations, Ghana was told not to touch any of these resources we have in the Volta region and friends, this decreed by the League of Nations is still holding up to today. Ghana will never set a foot on any resource from Volta region. Honestly, the Eweland is more blessed with resources than Ghana. Our problem is UNTOLD HISTORIES that are yet to be told. We have not been trained to know about our land. We thought our very own land has nothing good to offer us. This is all because of ignorance not by our faults. Ask any Ewe man or woman who is of age above 80 years. If they know, they will tell you the plight of the Eweland.
Now think of this, if we have resources that Ghana is being prevented for now not to touch, do you think Ghana will spend it’s resources to do something great in Volta region?
It is time to preach the truth. Our true identity is not Ghanaians. We are Ewe Nationals and must fight together now for this freedom. Else Volta region will never see the bright days of development.
Usually I don’t blame the Ewes. Nobody told you these things. You get angry when somebody wants to tell you the truth by calling you a foreigner or Togolese.
Yes! we the people of Volta region and Togo were once one people living as Ewes. Unfortunately, we have been separated since 1916 after the first world war.
Before this war Volta region and Togo were one people being protected by the Germans. The land was together called Torgoland. This is where Togo got it’s name from.
Around this time too, the British were colonizing Gold Coast and the French were also colonizing Dahomey (now Benin). Torgoland was sharing boarders with Gold Coast at the West and with Dahomey at the East.
During the first world war, the British and French teamed up to defeat the Germans. Torgoland was then divided into two among the British and the French by the League of Nations.The French took the eastern Torgoland (now Togo) and the British took the Western Torgoland ( now Volta region). This division was not meant for us to be added to gold coast or eastern Torgoland to be added to Benin. It was meant for British and the French to take over the affairs of the Germans in Torgoland.
The question is our half sister Eastern Torgoland has become a Nation that we call as Togo. Why we the people of Western Torgoland has not become a nation but we have become a region created in Ghana?
There’s so much to be unveiled. Seek knowledge and you will get, Search the truth and you will find it.
If Ghana is truly a democratic republic nation, why no provision was made in the 1992 constitution to address the issues of the Eweland ? If Ghana were to have a clear map on how to resolve this issues, maybe they could have succeeded in convincing we the Ewes to fully integrate Eweland into Ghana. We could have had a common understanding. Some funny question that people ask is how big is Volta region to be a country? The success of a nation is not determined by it’s size. It’s all about managing resources to better the lives of citizens. Volta region is bigger than some countries. Google it. The eweland is far blessed than many Africa countries. Israel is a small land but far ahead. There were and still there are many countries that were on the side of the people of eweland during those days we were being forced to be added to gold coast for independence. The fact that we are living together doesn’t mean that everything is okay. Before we the Ewes ourselves can even touch our own resources, we must show readiness to do so. This readiness is about declaration of INDEPENDENCE by we the Ewes.
2006 was the time the 50 years given by the League Nations was due. Volta region should have declared independence in 2006.
There were some few people who were fighting for the unification of the Ewes but were eliminated. Google about Dr. Raphael Armattoe
It is unfortunate that many are the Ewes who are being swallowed by political parties in Ghana. They try to suppress the truth. They exchanged the truth for a lie that it is not possible for Volta region to become independence. We keep voting them to power to acquire wealth for themselves. They have brain washed many people who no longer believe in themselves that YES We Can!
We can break away from this Freedom in Slavery if we come together and raise our voices for liberation. Though we are enjoying all the right as Ghanaians, we are not free in total. Individually we can enjoy some level of success but our true identity will be lost forever. Volta region will continue to be deprived of so many things. The less privileged ones will continue to suffer. Can you imagine what one harbor alone can to the lives of many people in the Volta region? Can you imagine Volta region as a country mining oil, clinker for cement, jasper, iron ore and others? Nobody promised us an easy life when we become independence but friends, it will be the better choice to make.
Until then I say to you, don’t be unconcern about the matters arising from the Eweland. Save your your 6th March and 7th November energies and use it to discover your true identity. God bless Eweland, God bless Ewe Nationals. STAY BLESSED.
By:Frank Owusu Kojo Asiamah (FOKA)
Credit to: Charles Kwame Kudzordzi (Papavi Hogbedetor)..

Let every #EWE citizen know about this….



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