9 Annoying Things We Wish Will Stop In Commercial Vehicles

It’s a real hustle being in a commercial vehicle in Ghana but of course, we can’t do away with it since it’s the cheapest means of transport.

Each time in a commercial vehicle is a problem on its own. You’ll encounter things that’ll make you want to slap someone or get you red with anger but what can you do. Imagine a very hot weather and some passengers decide to shut the windows? Quite annoying right or when you’re watching a movie and that one passenger who had already watched it keeps telling

Imagine a very hot weather and some passengers decide to shut the windows? Quite annoying right or when you’re watching a movie and that one passenger who had already watched it keeps telling what’s going to happen next.

Each day, we get to encounter these incidents in our daily commuting but we really wish they could end so we can have some peace to enjoy our ride to our destination.

Below are some annoying things in commercial vehicles in Ghana.

1. Farting

We know it’s not intentional but there are times we just wish the person could have controlled it a bit till when they alight. After all, you’re not going to be in the vehicle all day. Plus a fart is not like something you can’t prevent from coming out. It’s very annoying when during rains and all windows are shut tight, someone decides to mess up everyone with a fart. Stop it please, we just want a ride, not gas.



2. Window Closing

This is a real challenge and it’s one of the things that spark passenger arguments and fights in commercial vehicles. It’s understandable that for one reason or the other, someone might not want air blowing in their face but if that’s your problem, then please sit somewhere that you won’t be close to the window. It’s selfish to make everyone suffer just because of you don’t like the air or the dust. Why will you want to close the window in a warm environment like ours? Please, we all paid the same fare, let’s all enjoy our ride.



3. Passengers Who Want To Talk To You By Force

It’s great to be friendly but there are people who take it to the extreme. They meet you in a commercial vehicle, they greet, ask how you’re doing and then want to have a conversation by asking where you’re going, where you stay, what you’re going to do at your destination etc. etc.. Even when you give them one word answers to make them understand that you’ll rather not talk, they’ll still continue. There are times the person might even tell you taht you don’t seem to be a very friendly person when you don’t seem interested in their conversation. Stop this and respect peoples privacy.

mate trotro


4. Loud Passengers

From people talking on phone to those having a conversation. Loud passengers can mess up your ride and increase your frustration and stress. Even when they are prompted, they’ll not heed to the plea. They feel they have paid their fare and can therefore do whatever they want. Imagine having to deal with this after a very bad encounter somewhere. So frustrating. Yes you paid the same fare like me and that’s why you must not go beyond your freedom by infringing on mine. You can chat quietly and of course I’m not intersted in your conversation.



5. Those Who Sit Like They Are In Their Rooms

The everyday commercial vehicles are either three passengers per row or four passengers per row. However, some passengers feel they need a bigger chunk of the bench than everyone else. They sit leisurely as if they are in their living rooms. No amount of prompts to have them sit properly so others can also feel comfortable yields any result. This is one time you wish you’re Superman to slap the Kryptonite out of their heads.

trotro sleeping


6. Body Odor

This is not something anybody can do anything about accept the one. Unfortunately, most people with body odor do not even know they have that condition. It’s not their fault but it can cause you a lot of discomfort in a commercial vehicle. If only those who have it can apply lime to their armpits or use deodorant, our rides will be much better.

face looks disgust


7. Phone Peeping Passengers

Have you encountered that passenger who’ll do anything to have a glance at your phone when you’re using it? They read your messages with you, they want to read your responses, they want to view your photos with you, if you’re watching a video, they want to watch too. It can get creepy when they laugh at something they read on on your phone especially when you’re on Facebook. Gosh, what happened to privacy? The fact that we are in the same vehicle doesn’t mean my properties are yours too. Can I enjoy my phoen in peace please?



8. Passengers With Two Or More Kids But Pay For One Seat

This is quite annoying and it’s not because I don’t love kids, I do but the fact is that, you can’t inconvenience everyone for your own good. If you have to go somewhere with two or more kids, at least pay for two seat so the kids can occupy one. It’s not fair when you pay for one yet squeeze all your kids beside you, making everybody else on that bench uncomfortable.



9. Movie Spoilers

These people have basically watched every movie in Ghana. Most movies shown in commercial vehicles in Ghana are comedy movies. Once they sit in a vehicle with a screen a movie is being shown, they become official commentators, running everybody through the whole movie, what the next scene is going to be and all that. And God they can be loud.

angry someway bi

source :http://omgvoice.com


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