20 Unforgetable Stories From Our English Books In Primary School That Made Our Day

Remember those days back in school when the English teacher will distribute English Text Books and ask the class to read stories and we later answer questions about the stories?

Yeah, we really loved the stories and even now, we can’t forget some of them.

Here are 20 of such great stories.

1. Mr Boamah’s Shop

The story of how two children always purchased their foodstuff for breakfast from Mr Boamah’s shop is so interesting you can get the whole class reciting it in unison whenever we are asked to read.

mr. boamah's shop


2. Look To Yourself

One amazing poem by Agnes Esi Mensah that inspired most kids back then to become poets today. It was so touching and inspiring, kids back then closed from school reciting it all the way home and during “Our Day” and it’s poem time, every kid wants to recite this poem. You remember those days? Now that was the ish.

Now for those who still wish to have it, here you go:

For all things look to yourself first
You have all things, and you’ll ne’er thirst.
Your land has many things great and good
Rich soils, water and other things.
Do not go to friends cap-in-hand,
Honey and milk flow in your land,
Don’t say, “Grass is green at their feet”
For grass is greener at your feet.
You have got all the richest gifts
Others have not got half your gifts.
Look to yourself, then, and be great!
Use all that you have, and be great.
Life is how you use what you have.
Now how you use what others have.
This is true independence.
Let’s be truly independent.


3. Ata Panyin and Ata Kakra

Panyin and Kakra was actually a very sad story but we all loved it because it touched our soul. Most of us felt bad about how the skull of the twin that sung to the grandmother and his brother.

4. Alidu And His Goat

Do you remember the story of Alidu and his Talking Goat? This story actually got the whole class laughing out loud when it gets to the part where the goat goes, “Pu me me pu me” and never responded to Alidu when he said the goat could actually talk and it didn’t and where it finally asked the people what they were going to do with the master? now that part got every kid laughing more.

alidu and his goat


5. The Hawk and The Hen

“Krekete…So ya!! Nka me yare anka…so ya!!! nka me bu no ha…so ya!!!” Do you remember that story? Well, it was one hell of an interesting story we all loved. We know you’re smiling now.


6. A Market Day At Asesewa

A market day at Asasewa was also another fabulous story most of us loved because it highlighted on what really happens at the market, which most of us, especially the boys were ignorant of because we don’t accompany our parents to the market.


7. The Little Black Cat

“Mr. Kumah had two children, Mensah and Dede…” Do you remember this line? If you don’t then you were born in the late 90’s. We know people who can still remember every bit of this story to the end because they memorised it.


8. I Can’t Be Bothered

This was one story that really taught us lessons which clearly describes why you should have a bucket of water close by when you see a friend’s beard on fire because you might be next.


9. Bonwire Kente

“Asante Bonwire Kente de3 me nhu bi da…” then it gets to the part that goes like, “Kro kro kro kro..hii hii hii hii…kro hii kro na aye me de oh! na aye me de” now that is the part that gets everybody singing along in class including those who couldn’t read and didn’t even know what we were talking about.


10. Why The Crab Lost It’s Head

One interesting story that really stuck with most of us and educated us on how to choose our friends and taught us a great lesson. It also taught us that although kindness is good, it can also be your downfall, the reason why you have to be careful with the kind of friends you have. The crab lost it’s head because it trusted its friends so much to the extent it had to lend its head to a friend who never returned it.



11. The Elephant And The Tsetsefly

No matter how small you’re, you do have your own power too and till you find out how to use it, you will always be at the mercy of those bigger than you and that is a lesson we learned from the “Elephant and The Tsetse fly”. At first sight, everybody would have imagined the elephant can easily crush the tsetse fly, but at the end of the day, the tsetse fly overpowered the elephant, using its brains.


12. My Grandfather’s Clock

You remember the part that goes like, ” My Grandfather’s clock was too large for the shelf, so it stood ninety years on the floor. It was taller by half than the old man himself, though it weighed not a pennyweight more” then comes the most interesting part where every child in the class nods their heads and sing along gleefully, “And it stopped short, never to go again, when the old man died. Ninety years without slumbering, tick, tock, tick, tick, It’s life seconds numbering, tick tock, tick, tock, And it stopped short, never to go again, when the old man died”. Life was so good back then.


13. A Visit To Paga

Another great story that taught us more about our tourism sites in Ghana. Back then most of us had never visited some of these tourism sites but with this story, which gave us a vivid description of what happens at the site, we were able to tell others as if we’ve ever been there before and till date although some people have never been, the memory of this story still make them feel like they’ve ever been there and speak of it as if they’ve truly been there.


14. Unity Is Strength

“Praye wo ho yi, wo yi baako a, na abu, wo ka bom a, e mbu” a great lesson that got to us easily from this great story at the time. This is one of the stories that really got our attention back in the days and the class went dead silent during its reading.


15. Red Lions And Green Hawks (A.K.A Obiba J.K.)

The red and the blue team is one funny story every kid in primary school loved especially when it gets to how Obiba J.K. scored. Some good footballers back in school those days, even nicknamed themselves Obiba J.K.

obiba jk


16. Agyei Ne Mmoatia

A story that taught us not to be greedy and that luck for one cannot be luck for all.


17. Mr. Gyebi And His Sons

Another favourite story in the early mornings of the day in class that always puts a smile on our faces…kids!!!


18. Faati And The Fishes

Then comes Faati’s interesting story that always caught our attention


19. The Sparrow And The Frog

Another great advise for us that also admonishes us not to look down on the intelligence of others


20. A Lost In The Forest

When some friends decided to go snail hunting, little did they know they will end up getting lost in the forest, a very captivating story back in the days that got us all hooked.


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