au-day-logoBorn Again Afrikan”BAA”  joined Ghana and other African countries to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the African Union (AU) last  year at Atimpoku and was a great success  ,with a declaration to work with other individuals or companies to organize African Unity  Day and maintain peace and security in the community.

Speaking to Mr.Yazid Muhammad, the Event Organizer, he said “Our primary objective for this event is promoting African Unity among African people on African Unity Day.” This event is a collaboration of “BAA” and community leaders in Asuogyaman district with a shared vision of a way forward for Ghana and African Unity among African Countries and African people at home and abroad. The burden is upon us to educate the youth about the history of African Unity Day and highlight the value of African Unity among African people. The main objective of our program is to instill self-esteem and self-empowerment into African people. We want to show the value and potential of an Africa without borders.”

The theme for the Second Edition of BAA AU DAY celebration in Eastern Region will be   “Africa without Borders”, is in recognition of the importance the AU to allow Africans and African countries to trade among themselves without boundaries to help as critical partners in sustainable development. The program will be organized at the Venue of Born Again Afrikan Ghana Soul Food at Atimpoku after the Adomi Bridge.

When ask about how far with preparation, Mr. Yazid said “We are seriously organizing for African Unity Day 25th May 2017. We were reviewing the video from last year and the audience made up of Ghanaian youth did not know what AU Day was about. The National Youth Authority district representative organized young people for the community. 2016 was the first time African Unity Day was acknowledged in the Eastern region. This 2017 we want to involve teachers, students, and invite schools to participate. We are offering an “Essay Writing Competition” Our theme this year for African Unity Day, “Africa Without Borders.” We are formulating essay questions that high school level students can choose from. The essay will be 600-800 words first prize is 500cedis scholarship toward school fees 1st prize and 2nd and 3rd will receive cash prizes as well. We would like to invite people to give us some thought provoking solutions to Unify Africa and Africans at home and abroad.”

Finally, BAA urged all Ghanaians, Africans and leader around Ghana, Africa and abroad to  support and participate in the second Edition of BAA AU DAY 2017 at Atimpoku.

Source: Frank Owusu Kojo Asiamah (FOKA)

Credit: Born Again Afrikan (BAA)


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