10 Warning Signs Before Valentine That Should Let Every Guy Say ‘No! The Devil Is A Liar’

Valentine’s Day is coming and ladies will pretend to be nice.

If you suddenly start to notice these signs as a guy, please say no, the devil is a liar.

1. When she calls you on phone to just say ‘Hi’


2. When she texts first


3. Quick replies to your text messages

Quick to text back


4. She no longer blue-ticks you

No reply


5. She gives full answers and not just typing ‘k’ and ‘gm’


6. When she starts saying darling, cutie, dear, love unnecessarily

Shade GIF


7. Laughing at your not-very-funny jokes

Nicki Minaj Crazy Laugh Gif


8. Uses your picture as a dp with a tricky status

Chris Rock Huh WTF gif


9. Gives you too much attention


10. Asking about your Valentine’s Day plans



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