Wearing socks to bed could make sex better


There are two types of people in this world: ones that wear socks to bed, and ones that don’t. I’m in the former camp, but I rather admire those in the latter; if you can be comfortable with your sock sliding off your foot in the middle of the night, you’re a more reckless person than I am.

Anyway, it turns out that those wearing socks to bed are the lucky ones, since it’s actually pretty good for you. The reason? Keeping your feet warm tells the brain it’s time to sleep. Warming the feet causes the blood vessels to dilate, which gives the brain a signal for bedtime. Helping your blood vessels to dilate can also help you fall asleep more quickly. And as we all know, sleep = good.

But what’s most interesting is that your sex life could also be improved by slipping on a pair. A study from the University of Groningen found that, when given socks to wear, brain scans revealed that 80 per cent of couples could orgasm, compared to just 50 per cent without socks. We don’t know the exact reason why just yet, but a guess would be that your blood is flowing quicker, making it easier to orgasm. Plus, who needs to be thinking about cold toes when they’re getting busy?

If you are going to wear socks constantly, though, it is recommended that you swap them regularly to avoid bacteria build-up which could lead to a fungal infection. That ain’t sexy.



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