10 Moments You Wish Never Occur In Front Of Your Ghanaian Dad

Fathers are seen as role models and so in our setting, they are the disciplinarians and so most of their rules are strict to make sure we live exemplary lives. 

Below are incidents you wish never occur in front of your dad.

1. When Watching A Movie And Nudity Scenes Comes Up

Ever had to watch a movie with your dad and all of a sudden a sex scene comes up? Your head feels heavy and your legs feel numb and you try very hard not to stand up or turn in his direction but you can feel his eyes are on you can hear all the rhythms of your heartbeat. Although you love the scene to stay a bit longer, you also pray it moves to the next scene fast before he decides to take any action.



2. When A Luscious Lady Passes By

Ever walked with your father on the street and had a beautiful voluptuous woman with all the curves a man will ever want to see walking towards you and you get the opportunity to see the front view and want to steal a glance at her back too? While you’re trying to turn around, your dad’s eyes are all on you to see your next move and your sixth sense quickly warns you, “Don’t even think about it?”.

girl walk woman women fashion trendy cat walk


3. When Your Girlfriend Comes To Visit

You’re at home with your dad and all of a sudden there is a knock on the door and you decide to go get it and there stands your girlfriend looking all luscious and in a tight mini-skirt that makes you drool. Now this is the moment when your dad asks, “who is at the door?” You quickly respond, “it’s the kenkey seller” and you quickly whisper to your girlfriend, “my dad is in, let’s make it another day if he sees you I’m dead”.

Image: Pintetest/StephsW


4. When Your Friends Call You By Your Nickname

Here you are having a stroll with your dad on the streets and you meet your friends and they shout out your nickname, “Bob Satan!!”, “Beyie Nana” and your dad is a pastor. Like you die finish.



5. When The Girl You Got Pregnant Comes Over With Her Parents

You are home enjoying a nice movie with your dad and everything seems to be going well till there is a vigorous knock on the door and your sister goes to get the door and there stands the girl you got pregnant with her parents and your dad is comfortably sitting in his lazy chair waiting to see what happens next. You’ll wish the earth opens up and swallows you.

Image : giphy.com


6. When You Come Late With His Car After Sneaking Out With It

First, you decided to sneak his car out of the house without his consent and then you also come home late with it. Of course, you don’t expect him to smile at you. At this time, you know your life is in danger.


7. When You Overspeed With His Car While He’s Sitting Right Next To You

You’re travelling with your dad in his car and you’re the one behind the steering wheel and you decide to over speed, you must really be a daredevil.

Image: indiaToday


8. When You Support Rival Teams And They Play Against Each Other

You support Manchester United and your dad supports Chelsea and they are playing each other while you watch together with your dad. You should know you will be sitting on tenterhooks and woe betides you if your team scores and you decide to jubilate, your supper will be going out the window.

Black man saying no gif


9. When You Come Back Home With A Dent On His Car

If you’re driving daddy’s car and you get a dent on it, it will be wise for you not to come home with it. Drive straight to the mechanic’s shop and have it repaired, because if you’re caught…only God knows.


10. When You Use Profane Words In His Presence

In our part of the world, you dare not use profane words in front of your dad or elders, so words like, fuck! and etw* are prohibited and so if you mistakenly end up spitting it out in his presence, then you should know you’re doomed.




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