10 Countries That Share Similarities In Dishes With Ghana

Most Ghanaians actually think our local food is only unique to us and is not common anywhere but this is actually not the case.

Here are 10 countries who share similarities in dishes with Ghana.

1. Nigeria

If there is any country out there that we share a lot of similarities in food with, then it is Nigeria. In fact, there is no much difference between most of their food and ours. We have Konkonte they have Amala, we have Fufu, they have Akpu, we have Koose, they have Akara, we have Korkor, they have Dodo, we have Atwomo, they have Chinchin, we have Waakye, they have Ofada, we have Ayooyo soup, they have Ewedu soup. You also remember jollof right?


2. Egypt

You’ll think Ghana is the only country that eats Ampesi (Yam or Plantain) with ntrowa froy3 (garden egg stew), well for your information, it is common in Egypt too, just that they eat theirs raw without adding oil to the garden egg stew.


3. Brazil

During the World Cup in Brazil, Ghanaians decided to export local food to Brazil only to get the shock of their lives when they got there and realised they have Banku and Okro stew, Kenkey and Fish and even Yaka Yaka.


4. India

India shares a lot of similarities with us when it comes to food, that is why it is easy for them to mingle with us. However, some food they share with us which is quite mind-boggling is “Kpokpoi” and “Eto”. Although theirs come with a different name, it is the same ingredients and recipe.


5. Togo

Just like Nigeria, Togo also shares a lot of similarities in dishes with us and just as we have “Akpele” they have it too. Most of the foods in the Volta Region are the same in Togo plus more.


6. Benin

Benin also has a lot of dishes similar to ours.


7. Burkina Faso

8. Cote D’Ivoire

The Ivorians also have Fufu and Palm nut soup and they also love rice and okro stew.


9. Mexico

Ghana is not the only country that eats Kontonmire stew, the Mexicans have it too.


10.do you think Ghana is the only country that waakye??   UK have it too





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